To ensure the BEST results when planning a session with Jazz, please be sure to check out these few easy tips that makes a difference!

The key to a flawless application is clean, properly moisturized skin! Please be sure to cleanse, wash, moisturize and exfoliate the skin and lips prior to your makeup application for best results!

Lips should be moisturized and conditioned, for dry cracked skin please exfoliate as well. .

Eyes and tear ducts should be clean.

As an artist it can be frustrating trying to tame an unruly brow. I do not like to enhance over your brow. If I am required to arch there will be an additional $5 charge. So please have them professionally waxed or threaded beforehand.

If you wear individual lashes or extensions it can become a hassle trying to apply your eye shadow without leaving debris in your lashes, that is why I recommend getting your lashes applied during your service or after. Remember Mink Strip lashes are provided with every Natural full face and Glam full face makeup service. If you wish to get your lashes added after your services elsewhere just let the artist know to skip lashes!